Text Link: Map this Account

This is a cool little text link to locate the Account using one of two different mapping websites and the Account Billing Address. All with a single click!

  1. Setup | Build | Customize | Accounts | Buttons, Links, and Actions | New Button or Link
  2. Name: Map this Account
  3. Display Type: Detail Page Link (creates a text link)
  4. Behavior: Display in new window (opens in a new browser tab)
  5. Content Source: URL
  6. Copy & paste code below for desired website
  7. Click Save
  8. Add to page layouts: Setup | Build | Customize | Accounts | Page Layouts | Edit (the appropriate pages)
  9. Click Custom Links
  10. Drag and drop Map this Account to the Custom Links section of the page
  11. Click Save

Code for Google Maps:

Code for MapQuest:


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