It’s funny (in an awesome kind of way) how so many of us Salesforce.com Admins have the same stories of getting started with the platform. We just fell into it and now it is our passion.

“LessonsInForce” is my community-giveback, so that I may help others like me who need a little encouragement to jump in!

It wasn’t long ago that I took a leap into Salesforce.com formulas. It was a scary leap, but a leap that I forced myself to take. I didn’t take this leap by myself. I enlisted help from others who could give me guidance and explanations to help me learn. And most helpful was creating a library, using Evernote, of the formulas, workflow rules, validation rules, tips, tricks and general knowledge that I gained each time I solved a challenge or implemented a new requirement. I refer to those posts often as a basis for building my next formula.

Regardless of your Salesforce.com experience, you too can take on new challenges!

How to get started:

  • Always approach your challenge with the mindset that you want to learn, not just solve the challenge of the moment
  • Sketch out your requirements using simple If/Then statements, that way you’ll be sure to document all of your requirements on the first or second attempt
  • Utilize a Sandbox or Developer Org for testing purposes
  • Use the resources available to you like Answers, your local User Group, and Chatter Groups
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but always attempt the solution first
  • ALWAYS recognize and thank those who take the time to help you
  • And then, give back!

Hope you find my postings helpful!


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